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Accent Improvement Course


Our Accent Improvement Course is designed for both non-native and native speakers of English.  This course is about how to reduce your accent audibly and say difficult sounds in English quickly. If you work on your English pronunciation, you will see really fast.  

Key Benefits of Course:-

  • Effective and clear English pronunciation
  • Personal relationships, and improved communication in your professional
  • Progress report from structured practice to carryover of new pronunciation skills
  • The course focus on every specific need of student
  • Here you can speak with greater authority and vocal presence
  • Overcome an “accent barrier”
  • Improve your articulation to avoid ambiguity


After completing this course you should be able to speak fluent and impressive English with improved Accent. Adya Institute doesn’t just make you speak in English but also on fluency. Our English course have been designed such a way that you can communicate with people of different English cultures and backgrounds easily.


This course provides training to all students who are hindered by their heavy mother tongue influence. The course also aims at providing the right articulation and inculcating a neutral accent for free flowing communication.

Key Features:

- Accent neutralization (Global Accent)
- Plosives & sounds (nasal & throaty)
- Difference in English
- Time Zones
- Geographical boundaries
- American slang


- Voice modulation
- Pitch & Tone Training


- MTI removal (sh, s, zh, z)
- Vowel and consonant sounds
- Phenomena of phonetics















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