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This program consists of   advanced components and is designed to provide theoretical knowledge in all aspects of plumbing along with the practical training necessary to complement on-the-job training with an employer. Entering the plumbing trade offers a variety of opportunities after the competition of technical refresher course.               

 Duration Of Course – 4 Weeks

If you are interested to learn about the details of the work of a plumber and the various operations that a plumber has to perform as part of his work, you can enroll in a plumber diploma course. The course in this subject will help you to pursue a full time job or another full time academic program. Keeping in mind the flexibility of this education program, we are best institutes in India and provide diploma courses in plumbing.
Career Prospects
The career opportunities after completing a diploma course in plumbing are many. Most students start work, also known as internship, under an established plumber to learn work and get experience. Many students opt to start work as independent contractors, taking plumbing assignments in homes and organizations.
Key Benefits:-
  • To provide in-depth practical training, along with theoretical training.
  • To conduct technical refresher courses, as per the demand of the industries.
  • To help candidate to get 100% Job Assistance, after completion of plumbing course training.
  • To prepare a work force according to the need of industries.


Brief Overview of the Course
The various topics taught as part of the plumber diploma course are:
  • Common plumbing processes
  • Cold & hot water systems and components
  • Key plumbing principles
  • Central heating systems
  • Environmental awareness
  • Electricity


Programme Highlights
Eligibility: Fresh Experienced (Male only)
Medium of Instruction: Hindi & English
Tutorial Classes: Monday to Saturday, 2 hrs a day
Duration: 1 Month











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